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Natural Remedies To Avoid Pregnancy

When it comes to pregnancy, even the most careful measures may sometimes fail. It can be scary when you notice that the measures you have been taking have failed. It can be alarming when you notice that you are pregnant yet you were not ready. It can happen even after taking the necessary precautions such as using contraceptives. Are you afraid that the remedies you have been using may fail to work?
Here are effective natural remedies that can help prevent pregnancy:


Parsley is one of the best and effective natural treatments known for prevention of pregnancy. The herb is available, and you can get it easily. It can be used in the form of herbal tea. Which is the best part? This herb does not have adverse side effects because it is mild.

The bark of the cotton root

Some roots of common plants lead to stimulation of the hormone called oxytocin. It is the hormone that causes childbirth. You can use the bark of cotton root to prevent pregnancy. You should cut the dried root into pieces and add to either hot water or tea. Consume this two times a day and be sure to prevent pregnancy.


The herb is also called Dong Quai. It is known to be an adequate home remedy for pregnancy prevention. Did you acquire unwanted pregnancy? You can try Angelica which leads to stimulation of uterine contractions. To make sure it is effective, you should consume it within two weeks after the last sex.


The leafy plant takes after parsley leaves. It can be taken when mixed with water after drying. It is a natural way to prevent pregnancy. However, be careful not to take this herb in excess because it can lead to failure of the renal. When taking this herb, ensure you limit it and if you have issues with your kidney to not take it.


It has been in use for a long time when it comes to prevention of unwanted pregnancies. The best method to use it is adding it to tea when it is dried. To prevent harmful side effects, you should start with a minimal dosage. Before consuming the herb, visit your doctor for consultation. Taking the wrong dosage can be harmful.


Did you know papaya can act as birth control? If you consume it straight after sexual intercourse, you could prevent pregnancy. Take it two times in a day for about four days.

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